Friday, May 3, 2013

If time is your enemy, blame Dor

The Time Keeper
Reviewed by Stephanie
3 out of 5 stars
Oh, Dor…..Dor……Dor.  You silly man.  What possessed you to measure time?  You screwed things up for the rest of us.  Now we have to BE places at certain times and DO things until the time comes when we are allowed to go home.  Why did you do this to humanity?  Someone should imprison you in a cave for 6000 years and make you think about what you did, and not let you out until you are truly sorry.
Wait….that is what happened.
Dor was a curious man who lived 6000 years in the past.  He wanted to measure things, like the movement of sun the moon and the stars.  Back then there was little to do, no xbox, cable television with eleventy hundred channels to choose from, no internet……nothing.  So he took up a hobby and discovered time.  
One day, the king of the land (a former childhood friend) came to visit Dor to ask him for his help on this tower he was working on.  The king thought all of Dor’s gadgets he use to measure time would help bring power to his tower, since he was building it to reach heaven, but Dor refused.  He just wasn’t that interested.   This did not make the king happy so he exiled Dor.
Dor and his wife, Ali, then went out on the road, leaving their children with some family, and on the way they met some strangers.  Dor wasn’t too keen on them but his wife was very social, so they always shared a meal with these folks.   Apparent Ali was the touchy, feely type and would hug all these strangers, though Dor warned her not to.  Ali contracted a deadly disease and died, Dor was kind of upset. 
He stormed off towards the Tower of Babel and climbed the steps, he wanted to have a word with God, he wanted more time with his wife.   God responded by sticking him in a cave where he didn’t age a day, didn’t need food, water or sleep for 6000 years.   During these years, Dor got to hear all the people bitching about time.  One day God decided that it was time to release Father Time (yup), but with homework.  Dor was to help two people, yes only two after 6000 years, two very unremarkable and unlikeable people.
Ehh, this was a typical Mitch Album book.  You are supposed to learn a lesson from it, like in all his books.  In this one you are supposed to learn not to take time for granted, not to rush it, not to wish it away and not to take into your own hands.   It was a good book, but it didn’t move me like it was meant to. 
It in no way made me think differently about time.  Love it, hate it, want more of, or less of it……time is what it is and it doesn’t give a crap about you, it’s going to keep moving forward whether you like it or not.