Friday, August 17, 2018

American Road Trip

Sarah Black
Dreamspinner Press
Reviewed by Nancy
3 out of 5 stars


A single moment—or a single mistake—can change everything.

When Captain James Lee Hooker and his lover, Sergeant Easy Jacobs, were in the Army, they made a mistake that got a young soldier hurt. Three years later, they’re civilians again, living far apart, haunted by what they lost. Now that young soldier needs their help.

With his grandmother’s one-eyed Chihuahua riding shotgun, James Lee climbs into Easy’s pickup for a trip across the American Southwest. They set out to rescue a friend, but their journey transforms them with the power of forgiveness.

My Review

This is a nicely written, lightly humorous romance about two Army veterans, Captain James Lee Hooker and Sargeant Easy Jacobs, who were former lovers. Separated for three years because of demands of their rank and the injury of a soldier in their charge, Easy now needs Jamie’s help tracking down the young soldier, who is Easy’s cousin.

I love road trips and second-chance romances, and this story was full of tenderness and heart, but I was missing the intense emotional scenes, the pain, and the healing that come from such a long separation and guilt about Austin’s injury.

This is a slow-burn romance. Long hours in Easy’s truck force both men to talk about the past, share their feelings, and rekindle their love. I enjoyed their journey and the people they met on the way.

Truth be told, I crave the angst, which this story had none of. The conversations Jamie and Easy had were superficial, mostly in an attempt to avoid conflict.

Tino, the one-eyed Chihuahua, was full of personality and his antics made me laugh out loud. I loved all the reasons the guys came up with for how Tino lost his eye.

Overall, a pleasant enough story, but not one I’d visit again.