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13th13th by Edward M. Erdelac
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm not a huge Friday the 13th fan but I am a huge Edward Erdelac fan so I picked this up, his Friday the 13th homage/love letter/fanfic.

Other than Freddy vs. Jason, I think I've only watched the other Friday the 13th movies in chunks and out of order when nothing else was on TV but I'm familiar with the highlights of the series. This is more than Friday the 13th with the serial numbers filed off. Erdelac explores and expands Jason, I mean, Joshua Hodder's origins, giving him motivations beyond wanting to please his mommy by killing horny teenagers. It ties together the incongruent parts of the series and even ties in the seemingly unrelated Friday the 13th TV series after a fashion.

The story is a gorefest at times. The people who have killed Joshua Hodder and ended his rampage in the past team up to try to stop him permanently. Meanwhile, Joshua does what most masked undead killers do - kill people in mass quantities in extremely bloody ways.

Things come together at the end with some twists. No one is safe. The ending was both satisfying and true to the Friday the 13th franchise.

4 out of 5 machetes.

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