Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Avengers vol 1 : Avengers World by Jonathan Hickman, Jerome OpeƱa (Illustrator), Adam Kubert (Illustrator)

Avengers, Vol. 1: Avengers WorldAvengers, Vol. 1: Avengers World by Jonathan Hickman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is how you do big ideas and play "long ball" story telling in mainstream comics, I love the form, and as a lifelong fan (at least 35 years) I understand the constant rebooting of comic lines, sales are key.

But you remember when story and art were key? Mr. Hickman's Avengers is my second favorite Avengers story, It nails characters, it spans worlds, great dialogue, great action and all around worth reading.

Read the whole story, start with one read it till the end, pick up New Avengers and Ultimate Avengers too, I shall not steer you wrong.

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The United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas

United States of JapanUnited States of Japan by Peter Tieryas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brilliantly powerful alt history tale that is pure brutal energy from start to finish. I loved alternate histories as a kid, but unfortunately my library carried little beyond Harry Turtledove, (no slight to the man, but as a massive young consumer of books, it got old fast.)

Fast paced, great characters, broken messed up people that even with flaws you care for. It is amazing at the total change of the world with just minor changes in history.

If you want to peer behind the curtain, this a buy for you, see what could of have been. Small warning, there are several extreme cases of violence and horrible acts in this story, so if that's a sticking point with you, consider yourself warned.

great story, will check out more from Mr. Tieyras

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Whimsy and Soda

Whimsy & SodaWhimsy & Soda by Matthew David Brozik
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whimsy & Soda is a collection of bizarre Jeeves and Wooster pastiches.

By and By, Bertie: Bertie wakes up from a bender at the Drones club to find he's a parrot. Can Jeeves return him to normal?

The opening tale sets the tone for the collection. Brozik does a great job of capturing Wooster's voice and Jeeves' mannerisms.

G.E.V.E.: Jeeves goes on vacation, leaving Bertie in the care of a robot butler. Will Bertie survive without Jeeves to get him out of the soup?

G.E.V.E. is a funny little tale. I loved that Rossum was his creator.

A Scandal in Bohemia: The King of Bohemia is being blackmailed by Irene Adler and comes to Bertie for assistance. Good thing Jeeves has been eating more fish than usual...

Jeeves cracks this case a lot quicker than Sherlock Holmes.

Bertie Wooster and the Offer of Admission: On his 11th birthday, Bertie Wooster gets invited to attend Frogparts academy.

Heh. Wooster could have been Harry Potter.

A Bertie of Very Little Brain: Fresh from a jaunt in Narnia, Wooster and Jeeves get saddled watching a familiar boy and his familiar teddy bear.

I knew where this was going when the author's name was A.A. Moon but it was still a fun little tale.

Bertie and Earnest: Bertie shares an apartment at 123 Sesame Street.

I never would have imagined a Wooster-Sesame Street crossover but it works.

Jeeves Your Own Adventure: A choose your own adventure starring you as Jeeves.

This one ended with me driving off without Wooster so I'm counting it as a win.

Back to the Wooster: Doctor Emmett Brown shows up at Wooster's door. Hilarity and time paradoxes ensue.

Great stuff. I love that Wodehouse himself is thrown into the mix.

Jeeves and the Immovable Object: Aunt Dahlia hires a scrivener to transcribe a manuscript and finds he won't leave the office once his job is done. Can Jeeves get rid of him?

Jeeves and Wooster go up against Bartleby, the Scrivener. Good stuff.

Ix-nay on the Roadway: Jeeves and Bertie pick up an odd pedestrian who was almost hit by a car.

Ford Prefect!

Jeeves and W--: Jeeves goes to Gotham City to attend to a certain millionaire playboy.

Yup. Jeeves and Batman.

The Painting of Bertram Wooster: The Jeeves and Wooster version of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

This review's gripping conclusion: I dug this collection as a hole. The stories captured the flavor of Jeeves and Wooster shorts while stirring in an extra dollop of weirdness. I'd like to see Brozik write another collection.

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