Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A Call For Brighter Days

A Call for Brighter Days (The Aeriel Chronicles, #2)A Call for Brighter Days by Nupur Chowdhury
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The former Aeriel Queen, Tauheen, was killed. In the wake of her death more turmoil is impacting the world. Some of Tauheen's followers are now working with dangerous criminals called the feather mafia. They hunt and Aeriels for their feathers. Ruban and the IAW are working to stop the Mafia with Shwaan's help. However Shwaan is keeping secrets of his own which may have dire consequences.

A Call for Brighter Days revolves around the aftermath of the first book, mainly the death of Tauheen and Reivaa. Ruban is still working with Ashwin/Shwaan while keeping it secret from Simani, but she's getting suspicious of Ruban.

The story moves quickly and isn't afraid to jump from point to point. While this is a good for pacing, the characters suffer somewhat. Every character was focused on events that most of them don't have the opportunity to truly put their character on display. The point of view characters Ruban and Ashwin do display growth. Kaheen and Janak Nath also get the opportunity to grow and change throughout. Janak and Kaheen are nuanced individuals though Janak is somewhat of a villain for the sake of it.

A Call for Brighter Days was a solid sequel.

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