Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lucius: The Faultless Blade By: Ian St Martin

Lucius: The Faultless BladeLucius: The Faultless Blade by Ian St. Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am still exploring my current fascination with Warhammer and jumping deep into the chaos(bad guy) side of things. Without getting too far into lore, each of the legions of space marines that joined and went over to the bad side of things follow various evil deities, and Lucius and his faction serve a being who is into extreme sensations, indulgence in pain and pleasure. These guys have overdone it to a point that their bodies don't feel anything so their search for sensation has moved to a sadistic and horrifying level.

I really dug this book, rarely in my view can you enjoy a tale with no "good guy" Lucius and his band are HORRIBLE beings. Murderers who visit mass destruction on people just because they can. But this tale is a super fast paced gore fest of Warhammer violence. Very well written look into the legion of the Emperor's Children and the horrors within. If you are squeamish..go the other way, if you want a fast paced look into the chaos space marines, come on in, if you dare.

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