Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Starve vol 1 By: Brian Wood and Danijel Žeželj

Starve, Volume 1Starve, Volume 1 by Brian Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a life long comic reader, I learned TO READ with comics, so I decided to dip into some comic reviews for a change.

Lately, I have kind of gone against my usual grain, reading things I don't like. Several young adult books, a horror book, and although I loved Starve, I am not a Brian Wood fan, more on that later.

Starve is what happens when you lock No Reservations, Iron Chef, the Hunger games, and bleak ass future in a mixer and hit puree'. The chef Gavin Cruikshank, is kinda in my mind what Anthony Bourdain would be today, wild, gives no shits whatsofuckingever, and without a doubt, the baddest man in the room. He created a show Starve which is the cooking show to end cooking shows, but left and went into exile.

Now you are wondering, Kevin..you dangerously into spoilerville and you don't do that shit..so I'll stop you right there.

I am not a Brian Wood fan because he tends to be preachy, I agree pretty much most of what he "preaches" I don't like having stuff rammed down my throat, that being said. Starve works on all accounts, it is a story of redemption, a tale of the have and have not's, and a man living the way he wants and getting his shit together and making things right. Who doesn't love watching "the man" get it in the end.

(not tooooooooooo spoilerish)

The art isn't your typical comic art, dark and gorgeous and I love the covers, if you are a comic fan GO BUY.

NOTICE: I didn't review the trade, I read individual issues but I intend on adding the trade to my digital library, and although I am sure the first story arc is issues 1 through 5, I would recommend story wise adding 6 to your reading, it rounds the tale out better in my eyes

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