Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Salt of Your Tears

M. Caspian
Reviewed by Nancy
5 out of 5 stars


Three works of m/m erotica from M. Caspian

In His Skin: Harrison offers Dylan the world. All he asks in return is Dylan follow a few simple rules.

Asking For It: Cole was looking for one night of casual sex. Garrett's going to give Cole everything he thought he couldn't have.

A Song in the Blood: Corran MacKenzie signed up to fight a war that wasn't his. In the desert he found Sephtis. And his fate.

My Review

Spare, yet richly evocative.

Dangerous, yet beautifully erotic, seductive and mesmerizing.

These stories may certainly push your limits, but there’s no denying the strength of these characters as they seek fulfillment of their emotional needs and desires.

In His Skin

Dylan is a man of no words. However, his suffering, his devotion and his longing are palpable. I loved this story.

Asking For It

On the outside, Cole is a buttoned-up middle-class kid who aspires to a career in finance. On the inside, he needs what the corporate world can’t provide. Garrett the bartender will take good care of Cole. This kinky and sweet story made my toes curl.

A Song in the Blood

Gorgeous, chilling and intense. Since he was a little boy, Corran has needed it to hurt.