Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Reaper of Stone

A Reaper of Stone (A Reaper of Stone #1)A Reaper of Stone by Mark Gelineau
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elinor is one of the King's Reapers. Her duty is to destroy the old and usher in the new. Most specifically for the changeover of property when a noble line has ended. Elinor finds herself in the position to do what's easy or do what's right.

A Reaper of Stone is the first short story of a much larger series Echoes of the Ascended. I, not understanding that series was split into bite size bits, had already read some of the stories farther along in the series and now I'm getting back to the beginning.

A Reaper of Stone is a good short story, but it feels more like a novella in the middle of two larger novels. The story drops the reader in with little explanation on anything really. Even after reading the description and the story I couldn't completely explain what a reaper is or any of the many other things just mentioned in the story.

Despite being unaware of a great many things I enjoyed the character development of Elinor. Elinor is an orphan that joined the academy. Unfortunately most at the academy were nobles that despised the fact that an orphan could join their ranks. As is to be expected Elinor has been forced to endure ridicule and much worse because of her orphan background. Now as an adult and an officer of the King, little has changed in the way nobles and those who serve them treat Elinor.

A Reaper of Stone has rekindled my interest in the Echoes of the Ascended series. Though I do hope all the stories aren't as small and lacking explanation.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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