Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cowboys of Cthulhu

The Cowboys of Cthulhu: A Weird Western Grindhouse NoveletteThe Cowboys of Cthulhu: A Weird Western Grindhouse Novelette by David Bain
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

John Dunsworth Brodie hooks up with General Kang's sideshow and soon finds himself chasing some alleged braineaters to the Canyon of Cthulhu...

I love weird westerns and when I saw I could read this novelette for free due to it being part of the Kindle Lending Library, I was all over it.

This book has all the winning weird western ingredients: gunfights, humor, the Necronomicon, non-Euclidian geometry, and a bloody shootout at the end with Lovecraftian beasties.

However, the ingredients came together in the form of an appetizer rather than a main course, and as far as appetizers go, it was a pretty small portion. There was very little setup before the big battle and then it was all over except for the aftermath.

So it was engaging while it lasted but it didn't last nearly enough. With that in mind, I'm giving it three out of five stars purely for the entertainment value.

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