Monday, May 11, 2015

Upbeat Put Downs!

Creative Cursing: A Mix 'n' Match Profanity GeneratorCreative Cursing: A Mix 'n' Match Profanity Generator by Sarah Royal
Reviewed by Jason Koivu

WARNING!!!: Naughty Sinner Fudge Words in BIG type follow below...

This is impossible for me to rate. On the one hand, I'm not sure this is a necessary book. On the other hand, it's clearly awesome.

Creative Cursing opens up calendar-style. Inside are two sets of pages. On the set of pages to the left are a bunch of nouns, one per page. On the right side we have either a verb, occupation or again the occasional noun.

The nouns on the left are decidedly of the "four letter" variety. Most could stand on their own as quality curse words.

The words on the right side, however, could be taken quite innocently...except for that one "fucker."

When you pair the two words together you get glorious crudeness!


Some of my personal favorites were...

Ass Bandit
Scrotum Sniffer
'Gina Pooper

I did NOT like the following...

Clown...and anything that went with it.

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