Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hail to the Queen

Hail to the Queen (Sage Saga, #3)Hail to the Queen by Julius St. Clair
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hail to the Queen was a satisfying conclusion to the Sage Saga trilogy. I will admit that things felt a bit rushed towards the end, but nonetheless it was another strong novel by Julius St. Clair.

Hail to the Queen picks right back up from the ending of The Dark Kingdom. The Sages are scattered and trying to survive. James is struggling to hold his manifestation up to protect himself and Catherine from the Quietus. Kyran and Dominic are fleeing Quietus to head to get the Prattilian Stone. Scarlet is caring for Arimus's injuries.

James growth continues as he keeps seeming like Naruto and a bit like Ichigo (early in Bleach when he would Hollowify is quite similar to James Quietus transformation.) His rapid power growth at times doesn't seem to line up, but it works out overall.

Kyran continues to deal with the loss of Chloe plus the fact that he isn't really the loner assassin he's thought to be. Arimus opens up to James about his life. Scarlet finally explains why she hated Chloe and eventually grows up a bit. Catherine continues to be the steady constant never wavering from who she is and what she believes. 

Hail to the Queen definitely makes me glad that I took a chance on the free download of The Last of the Sages. This is a good series that I've never heard anyone talk about. It has some flaws as all series do, but it's definitely fun.

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