Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ranger's Folly

Ranger's Folly (Lost Tales of the Realms, #1)Ranger's Folly by J.T. Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Northern Ranger Fadis is heading home from war. The war has ended, but the King's men haunt his steps insisting he is a deserter and a thief. Fadis just wants to live in peace, see his wife, and meet his son. Unfortunately the King will not allow any of it.

Ranger's Folly is aptly named. Fadis was sent to war before his wife gave birth and he hasn't met his son. She stopped writing while he was away and now he fears the worst. He was one of the few rangers to survive the war and he only has an elven bow to show for his trouble and years away. It wasn't explicitly stated, but it appears that the King is unnecessarily cruel as he has sent ravens placing a bounty on Fadis's head. It seems for the exception of being alive everything has gone wrong for Fadis.

Ranger's Folly was a good short story. While most people have never gone away for war many can relate to being treating unfairly for no particularly good reason and that's what has happened to Fadis. I'm interested in seeing what's next for Fadis.

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