Friday, April 12, 2013

Steve Jobs

By: Walter Isaacson
Reviewed by: Stephanie
4 out of 5 stars

Steve Jobs was a damn dirty hippie.

He didn't much like to shower or wear shoes. He believed his diet kept him from getting stinky, not true apparently. In fact he was quite odd and obsessive about his diets, he would go on kicks where he would eat nothing but carrots for long periods of time until he turned orange (maybe John Boehner is on this diet, no pretty sure it's Cheetos). This makes me wonder if these strange eating habits brought on his cancer. Who can say.

Steve Jobs was an asshat.

He was an ass to everyone, even Steve Wozniak, who by everyone's standards is one of the nicest guys there is. Wozniak was Job's only friend at times, and looked up to him always, but Jobs screwed him over time and again. Jobs didn't even claim his first born daughter (until much later) as his own even though there was no doubt she belonged to him. He also was a very emotional man, lots of crying and snot when he wanted something. Impossible to please, even down to the color of things. I seriously don't know how anything got finished, I really don't.

Steve Jobs was a super genius.

Despite of (or because of) all this he created the most amazing things. Because he asked for the impossible, he would get it. I love my Ipod and my Ipad. I'm very attached, I don't think I would like to live with out them now. I use the Ipod for my audiobook and podcast addiction. I'm even learning how to draw caricatures on the frik'n cool.

Thank you Steve for being a damn dirty hippie, asshat super genius. Your creations have enhanced my life.
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