Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Last of the Ageless

The Last of the Ageless: A Post-Apocalyptic AdventureThe Last of the Ageless: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure by Traci Loudin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

300 years ago the Catastrophe, an apocalyptic event, occurred as humans and aliens fought over the Earth. Today the descendants of the survivors of the Catastrophe are forced together to defeat the heinous threat of The Ageless, a group of mutated men and women like no other.

The Last of the Ageless is the debut novel of new author Traci Loudin. I had the fortune to beta read this novel and I have to say while I may be biased I feel she did a splendid job in writing an awesome novel. Traci hits the key areas I look for in novels. She has characters to care about and an intriguing storyline. She also adds in interesting abilities and a unique world.

Unfortunately I feel like I can't do the book justice in a review without entering spoiler territory and I don't want to spoil any part of it. The Last of the Ageless is a strong debut and I look forward to reading many future books by Traci Loudin.

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