Thursday, August 13, 2015

When All Is Lost

When All Is Lost: A Companion Story to The Last of the Ageless (The Ageless Post-Apocalypse Series #2)When All Is Lost: A Companion Story to The Last of the Ageless by Traci Loudin
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Korreth is a slave. Under every circumstance I know of being a slave is bad at best, but poor Korreth and his fellow slaves have it worse than most. Korreth is a slave to a mutant army that uses him as a living punching bag and intends to enslave his village along with everything else in its path. When All Is Lost takes a look at one of the main series characters Korreth and shines a light into the dark world he's trapped in.

I must warn you to beware my bias as a beta reader of When All Is Lost, but it is a strong short story. I know everyone has a bad day, but likely none of us has been captured, chained, and forced to help train an army to enslave his fellow man...well that's just a normal Wednesday for Korreth. Perhaps I connected to him so strongly because no one should ever be a slave or perhaps it's because Korreth is just a really kind man, either way this is a great introduction to one of my favorite characters in the series. The Badlands army is coming, but no one except those enslaved by them even know they exist.

As good as When All Is Lost is, it's still a mere appetizer to the full course meal which is The Last of the Ageless.

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