Thursday, May 19, 2016

Squadron Sinister: Warzones

Squadron Sinister: WarzonesSquadron Sinister: Warzones by Marc Guggenheim
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Squadron Sinister is a powerful group of individuals that are conquering all corners of the Utopolis Battleworld by force.
Surprisingly the biggest threat to their power is each other.

From time to time I have wondered how Marvel or DC could get away with characters who are clearly copied from one another. Squadron Sinister is quite likely the most blatant copying I've ever seen. They are very clearly copied off of the Justice League.
What surprised me is that I actually really liked these evil jerks. It was always very easy for me to envision the main characters in the Justice League as villains and the Squadron really embodies the League's potential darkness.

I really enjoyed the volume until the end. The story unfortunately didn't get what I would deem a proper ending and instead it somewhat abruptly had a Secret Wars ending. I realize there was a loose thread to be tied up, but it really wasn't a satisfying conclusion.

The Squadron Sinister has me interested in learning more about their past and future as The Squadron Supreme.

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