Thursday, March 8, 2018

Captain America, Vol. 1: The New Deal

Captain America, Vol. 1: The New DealCaptain America, Vol. 1: The New Deal by John Ney Rieber
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In the wake of 9/11, Captain America is forced into action as terrorists strike at an American town.
Cap is once more reminded of the tragedy of war.

The New Deal is quite the introspective piece looking at the cause of 9/11 and whether America is as innocent as Americans believe. The world has monsters and killers, but is the US the cause of them?
A few of the quotes in this volume are the type that keep me up at night when I think about them too long.

"Are we only hated because we're free -- Free and prosperous and good? Or does the light we see cast shadows we don't -- Where monsters...can plant the seeds of hate?"

"History repeats itself. Like a machine gun. A madman lights the spark -- And the people pay the price."

To me The New Deal is what Captain America is all about. He's the heart, the fight, the idealism, and the aspiration of America and Americans. It's funny when I was younger I didn't appreciate Captain America, but ever since his films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe I have a totally different perspective on him. Cap is simply an incredible character and this volume is a good reminder as well as a palate cleanser from the horrible Hydra Cap crap Marvel recently put out.

The New Deal is a strong beginning to a powerfully thoughtful Captain America series.

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