Thursday, January 28, 2016

X-Men Legacy: Prodigal

X-Men Legacy, Vol. 1: ProdigalX-Men Legacy, Vol. 1: Prodigal by Simon Spurrier
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This is David Haller perhaps better known as Legion. He's the Omega Level Mutant son of Professor Charles Xavier. Which sounds great except that David is called Legion because he has at least 100 personalities in his head, who each have their own mutant powers. Oh and David struggles to keep control of these personalities. His father, with some help, built a mental prison to aid David's sanity and assist with his control of his powers. During the events of Avengers vs X-Men, Charles left David at a Telepathic Psyker commune of sorts.
David gets help for his mental problems while helping others. When Professor X was killed by a Phoenix possessed Cyclops, David's mental prison broke and the inmates are running loose. Now David must find a way to control the legion of personalities in his head, while he decides what to do now that his father is dead.

Prodigal was interesting as it is almost exclusively told from Legion's point of view. I really didnt know much about Legion except the facts and his role in Age of Apocalypse. Legion is a pretty awesome character. He's one of the strongest beings in existence, but he's hindered by the personalities in his mind. Any of his personalities can take over his body if they catch him in his mind and use their share of his powers. It's not hard to see why Professor X kept him in a coma induced state for much of his life.

David is also great because he has a fun sense of humor. He makes a ton of funny references and delivers some memorable lines.

"There it is "fight." These two've known nothing but violence and youse want to fix it at paramilitary spandex school."

"The dream is fine. I just think the way he went about it might have been (say it say it say it) wrong."

"The bloody X-Men there. Dad's technicolor mutant militia."

Prodigal was refreshingly familiar yet new and exciting. I wasn't expecting the storyline at all and I'm pumped to keep reading the series.

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