Friday, February 24, 2017

Taken by the Tycoon

Normandie Alleman
Stormy Night Publications
Reviewed by Nancy
3 out of 5 stars


He reminds me of the men who grace the walls of stores where my daughter shops. Men with rippling abs and sinewy ropes of muscles. Men intended for younger women.

I never expected him to notice me. Imagine my surprise when he cornered me in the locker room, pressed his incredible body against mine, and forced me to acknowledge a desire more powerful than anything I’d experienced before.

Now that he has introduced me to the pleasures of being dominated, he wants to possess me completely. But how can I risk my heart, when I know his affection will never last?

My Review

After years in a boring, loveless marriage, Violet Weeks is now ready to meet someone new. She sets eyes on Stuart Swearingen, a man who is loaded, gorgeous, and knows exactly what he wants in a woman.

Will Violet’s hang-ups about being ten years older than Stuart end their relationship before it even starts?

If you’re looking for a romance full of sexual discovery, heat, and a little kink, this may be the perfect short story for you.

Though the story was entertaining and sexy, I was annoyed with Violet’s preoccupation with her age and what her peers thought. She was fit, attractive, and desired by a younger man. It’s not as if he was her child’s age.

As grandma would say, “never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

There were lots of steamy sex scenes and while I mostly enjoyed Violet’s and Stuart’s encounters, I found them pretty tame. I liked Violet’s teenage daughter, Margaret. (Does anyone really name their kids Margaret anymore?)

I wanted moar kink!

I had to go and read a porny Powerone story just to finish off what this one started.

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