Thursday, October 26, 2017


Reaper (#1, Duster and a Gun Saga)Reaper by Gregory Blackman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Horace McKidrict doesn't remember two years of his life. McKidrict plans to learn what happened to him by hunting down the first being he remembers after his two year time gap, a demon called the Abaddon. While angels fight for heaven and demons fight for hell, reapers like McKidrict fight for humanity.

Reaper feels very much like a knockoff demon hunter story. My initial thoughts go to the Supernatural TV show, most specifically when Angels were revealed to be real. It also has the vibe of the Supernatural episode where Sam and Dean travel back in time to meet Samuel Colt in a Western era monster hunting mashup.

Horace McKidtrick could be any one of numerous bland monster hunting characters. He's mean, carries a gun, and tends to work alone. Plus demons shutter when they know he's after him. It's all pretty cliché unfortunately. I didn't find any particularly interesting original material.

Reaper was a below average monster hunter story packed full of familiar tropes.

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