Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden (Age of Sigmar) By: Joshua Reynolds

Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden (Age of Sigmar)Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden by Joshua Reynolds
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While I was tooling around in Warhammer world (one day I will explain my weird habit of reading game manuals for fun and not necessarily to play said game) I jumped off into age of Sigmar. I have read Warhammer fantasy and enjoyed it, but honestly at first glance, Sigmar seemed like space marines in fantasy land, while.....I am a fan..not what I wanted to read.

However, Josh Reynolds is one of my favorite Black Library writers and the tale he tells here is TOP notch. We get to see into the world of the stormcast and get to know them a bit, which in my readings so far, is not that common.

And...the trip into Nurgle's realm...wow. For some reason the plague lord is my favorite of the chaos baddies, and I loved the gross look at his armies.

IF you are a Warhammer fan, this read is for you. for sure (and yes, I broke my review rules a bit)

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