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Reaper (Cradle, #10)Reaper by Will Wight
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Lindon and company have managed to save Sacred Valley and drive off a Dreadgod. Even victory has its cost and the team all were forced to pay it in their own way. The time for rest has arrived, but before too much time has passed trouble raises it's head again. The team is forced to enter the labyrinth to seek knowledge to destroy the Dreadgods, all while dealing with the labyrinth's defenses and enemy forces...forces on their radar and those in the heavens above.

For any long time reader of the Cradle series, you undoubtedly have many questions you are seeking the answer to. Reaper is the book of answers. Not every answer, but certainly the important ones. I'm blown away as I'm reflecting on all the events and information we learned. I will be rereading Reaper, likely soon.

Reaper was an excellent book. The beginning has a combination of loss and learning to live. To fight a Dreadgod below Archlord is a risky affair and the team is lucky to have survived. The losses weigh heavily though. I really enjoyed seeing Lindon be forced to wait and live for the first time since Unsouled. Sometimes there is no immediate way forward and Lindon is forced to admit that. Seeing his choices in this time was truly refreshing.

I enjoyed the character development for some of the characters in the book. Lindon was forced into being patient after his goal of saving Sacred Valley. This allowed him time to learn about and become more in tune with his icon. I love to see how much he grows. Ziel is forced to look towards as his spirit mends. I enjoy Ziel as a character and I was glad to witness some change in him. Mercy learns more about who she is outside her mother. I feel for her, the expectations for her have been too great and she's so different from Malice. Jai Long learns he doesn't know everything and it's fun to see it. Kelsa is great even though she's weak. Her candidness is truly enjoyable to witness. That's not even mentioning Little Blue and Orthos, but that's best left to the book.

I wouldn't say there was anything I disliked, I just wanted more. I wanted more side characters to appear, if only to have some key moments. I wanted more key moments from all the side characters. I wanted to see Lindon's parents more than we did. I would have liked more time from Yerin's perspective as it felt as though she was shortchanged in Reaper. I was simply hungry for more.

Reaper was truly excellent and I continue to be impressed by Will Wight's writing. I can't wait to reread Reaper and to see what Will Wight writes next.

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