Monday, January 20, 2014

To Space And/Or Beyond!!!

Space and Beyond (Choose Your Own Adventure, #4)Space and Beyond by R.A. Montgomery
Reviewed by Jason Koivu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My first ever Choose Your Own Adventure book. I was so excited to get Space and Beyond and to learn about the existence of these strange tales that you could control as the excited in fact that my review/rating is completely biased and should be taken with a HUGEMONGOUS grain of salt.

No offense to Montgomery, but this ain't Shakespeare. It is however good, light-hearted fun. And honestly, for kids, Space and Beyond delves into some relatively heady stuff, such as contemplation of the beginning and end of the universe.

In this book you play a lantern-jawed hero (who could moonlight as an Elvis impersonator) born on a spaceship traveling so fast that it only takes three days and two hours to age 18 Earth years. So with a little over three days worth of accumulated wisdom and training time you set off to establish your citizenship on either your mother or your father's home planet. It's YOUR choice! <--that data-blogger-escaped-a="" data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-exciting="" data-blogger-escaped-first="" data-blogger-escaped-i="" data-blogger-escaped-is="" data-blogger-escaped-lad="" data-blogger-escaped-last="" data-blogger-escaped-like="" data-blogger-escaped-part="" data-blogger-escaped-pretty="" data-blogger-escaped-re="" data-blogger-escaped-read="" data-blogger-escaped-this="" data-blogger-escaped-was="" data-blogger-escaped-wee="" data-blogger-escaped-when="" data-blogger-escaped-you="">
When I was a kid I remember feeling pretty darn smart for getting the main character out of more than a few tight fixes! Rereading it as prep for review, this time around the results were more of a mixed bag...

1) I got picked up enroute by the Lodzots, negotiated a peace and ended a 3000 year old war.

2) I got caught up in some swirling gas, picked up by amoeba-like, persons...thing?...helped them/it to find a new planet, went on a life-form collecting mission, was caught by a politician and made to live out the rest of my life on Earth as a curiosity.

3) Stuck around to study hippie philosophy, then went way back in time, turned into a Protosaurus for some unexplained reason, got chased by a T-Rex and then hung out at the dawn of man.

4) Attended research school, went back 62 million years into Mars' past to explore alternatives to a revolt happening there at the time.

5) Flew directly into a black hole and was never heard from again.

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