Thursday, June 30, 2016

Extraordinary X-Men Vol. 1: X-Haven

Extraordinary X-Men Vol. 1: X-HavenExtraordinary X-Men Vol. 1: X-Haven by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The fate of mutantkind is once again in peril. The release of the terrigen cloud when Attilan fell has had unexpected consequences on mutants. The terrigen makes mutants sick with a disease called M-Pox. Storm has relocated the Jean Grey in order to protect as many mutants as possible from the cloud and the disease.
As always the X-Men can't simply hide themselves when something sinister is afoot.

I have to say my immediate thought when I heard the storyline for X-Haven was Marvel Studios was flexing their muscles with the Inhumans while casually threatening Fox that they can exterminate all the mutants from the comics. I can't say that there weren't moments that confirmed that thought, but I have to admit they did a good job with the story. An interesting group of X-Men were chosen with Storm as their leader and things get wilder as the story progresses.

While the disease and mutant extinction storylines are far from unique the world has changed due to Inhuman interference. They are mentioned everywhere and even when rampaging characters display crazy powers the question is now Inhuman or mutant. Thanks to the M-Pox mutants still are the more hated group though. Which seems unbelievable since the Inhumans were the cause of the terrigen cloud.

X-Haven was a good story and I look forward to where the Extraordinary X-Men head next.

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