Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Wild One, Nick Petrie's latest Peter Ash novel is a thriller about a man seeking a kidnapped boy

Peter Ash is back in another blow the doors off action thriller. Peter Ash is an ex-vet who suffers from bad PTSD, which he feels as wild static, which gets worse in close in spaces. But since he has returned from the wars, he has put to use his martial skills, both hand to hand and with weapons and shrewd intelligence in the helping of others.

Here Peter Ash has been hired by a rich Washingtonian to track down her missing grandson, who disappeared with his father, of Icelandic descent, after her daughter, the boy's mother was murdered.

While a little slow in the beginning, Petrie gets in high gear once the action gets to Iceland as he has our hero tackle some extreme weather, some burly Icelandic barkeeps and fisherman, cops with batons and killers all to try and find the little boy, who may have been kidnapped by his killer dad.

There are a couple of slick twists and not all of the action involves fisticuffs but Peter Ash is up for almost any challenge.

I was sick for two weeks and really could not get into a groove in reading, but opened this up one night and danced with it to 1:30 am when I finished it in one long glide.

If you like these type of thrillers, then you should be adding Nick Petrie to your go to list of authors.

Petrie is the real deal, and Peter Ash, is a good hero to find.

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