Saturday, February 22, 2020

In Louisa Luna's Alice Vega returns in "The Janes" to save underage girls from a terrible fate in the compelling mystery thriller

Alice Vega and Max Caplan reunite to investigate the suspicious deaths of two underage Latino girls, who appear to have been working as sex slaves. The main clue is that they have been fitted with IUDs with very close manufacturers marks. Vega a bounty hunter and Caplan, an ex cop are being paid off book in cash by members of the police and DEA, the latter of whom seem to be mostly interested in various underground tunnels used by drug smugglers.

From this scant little clue, Vega and Caplan are able to sift through the vast criminal underworld and various connected criminals and open a lot of doors with the use of smart detective skills, computer searches from Vega's computer hacker friend - Bastard - and the application of extreme bashing (Vega) to get to the bottom of mystery.

But its not all an upward trajectory as Vega and Caplan are each assaulted and hurt, face the inevitable double cross, dirty cops, murderous thugs, Cartel killers and a hodgepodge of dire situations.

Luna keeps the action coming while shifting the point of view between the cagey smart and bashing Vega and the older family man Caplan, with his young teen daughter. As this is the second book featuring these two detectives, one could have hoped for a tiny bit more elaboration about Vega's background, if you, like me had not read Luna's first book, but Caplan does make some wry observations about Vega's capabilities that help and Luna drops in little tidbits. But its a minor gripe in an otherwise stellar work.

Because Luna's Vega knows what she is doing, and that is saving the world one little bit at at time, and we are all lucky to be able to see her doing it. So much so, that I am going to track down Luna's first book and read it too. I suggest you do the same.

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