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Hunt for Valamon

Hunt for ValamonHunt for Valamon by D.K. Mok
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Prince Valamon has been kidnapped from his room in Algaris Castle. Whoever committed the kidnapping used magic. Valamon's brother, Prince Falon, sends an unlikely pair to rescue Valamon, Seris a healing cleric and Elhan a cursed girl. During their search for the prince, Seris and Elhan realize that a missing prince isn't the Empire's biggest problem. A war is coming.

Hunt for Valamon is a sort of twisted fairy tale. Lightly twisted, but largely still in a Disney style. Everything was overly neat and taken care of nicely. The twist occurs in that the main protagonists aren't a knight and a princess, but rather a healing cleric Seris and a cursed girl Elhan. The two of them have a peculiar quest due to the fact that Seris isn't particularly useful for anything other than healing. While Elhan better known as the Kali-Adelsa, the accursed one, has a different problem. Her curse leaves a trail of destruction in her wake.

The main characters Seris and Elhan are easily the strongest part of Hunt for Valamon. Seris is the most sane cleric of Eliantora, which isn't saying much as there are only three clerics. It seems being a cleric of Eliantora effects one's sanity over time. Eliantora has a number of odd demands in order to receive her healing power, such as the fact that her clerics can't carry money. Seris mainly stays in the temple and away from people who don't need to be healed.

Elhan on the other hand has quite the personality due to her curse. She can't stay any one place for long as anyone she stays near and any place she stays for long is in danger due to her curse. Elhan is self-reliant and sarcastic yet surprisingly positive despite the fact everyone hates her and many try to kill her.

Hunt for Valamon is a solid story, but one that doesn't do anything particularly special or interesting.

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