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Mystic (Nightblade Epic #2)Mystic by Garrett Robinson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Mystic Jordel is in search for the fugitive wizard Xain. Jordel will only say he needs Xain for a fight that's coming, but nothing more. Loren seeks to find Annis and resume her life of adventure.

Mystic is a book about running away. People are chasing Loren constantly and she uses a carriage, her feet, a boat, and horses to run away...for nearly the entire book. If Loren isn't running away she's making plans to run away.

When Loren isn't running away or planning to run away she's making terrible choices. I don't know that any character in any book has survived so long after making so many terrible choices. Granted she was slightly smarter than she was in the first book, but that was the most horrible display of decision making I ever witnessed.

I'd like to say there were good points, but they were rather obvious. The magestones come into play and shortly afterward it's apparent what the result will be. A new piece of information about Loren's dagger is learned, but it felt mostly irrelevant.

The story in Mystic and the first book of the series has no actual plot. The only thing it seems the characters have done is run away. There are a few quick moments where other things happen, but they are quickly replaced by the characters running away some more.

Perhaps the biggest head scratching part of the story is that for some reason all of the main characters look to Loren for advice. Loren the bad decision maker born in a back water little town most haven't heard of is looked to for guidance from everyone. I'll grant that she has skill with stealth and lying, but outside of that she needs to sit down, be quiet, and be glad they let her come along.

Mystic and the series as a whole are just not for me.

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